AIM Suite 2.0 Now Available


Version 2.0 of our acclaimed AIM Suite technology is now available to new and existing customers, with several new features, revisions and upgrades that deliver even more on Intel's power to know principle for audience measurement and retail analytics.

We've made the platform faster, more scalable, and more secure.

Viewership data is now available more rapidly, and we've made some scalability enhancements that reflect and effectively deal with a growing AIM Suite user base.

On the operating system front, we've added support for Red Hat Linux 6.2 32-bit. This is on top of support already in place for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit. On the sensor side, we've added new support for Panasonic's IP cameras.

We've also squashed a few bugs thanks to the feedback from our user base. If you see something, let us know!

Come try out the new software at

Questions? AIM Suite Knowledge Base