AIM Suite Silver Edition Now Free


The Silver edition of Intel AIM Suite technology is now free to registered users - giving retailers, brands and screen network operators a chance to understand its value and impact before making a full commitment.

With software installed on a PC and connected to a simple off-the-shelf web camera, AIM Suite Silver uses all the sophisticated algorithms of the core application to detect and count the numbers of people who look at visual messaging in a defined area, and then log how long each of them are watching.

All of that data is then available online for review, and Silver users can also have reports automatically generated and sent to a designated email address, using the AIM Suite dashboard.
The Silver license is free for an indefinite period.

Once users get a sense of the power to know what's going in retail and other venues, they can seamlessly upgrade to the paid Gold edition of AIM Suite.

The Gold edition includes Gender Detection, Age Determination, Facial Position Detection, Viewer Size and Distance Detection, the Opportunity To See Counting Algorithm and richer reporting that includes Return On Objectives analytics.

To register for a free AIM Silver account visit We’ll be in touch soon about setting you up.

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