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AIM Suite @ Work

Intel AIM Suite is unique, cutting-edge technology that delivers real-time audience measurement and analytics for marketers, retailers, brands and digital advertising network operators.

When digital screens are used for messaging, promotions and advertising, AIM Suite provides objective, quantitative measurement and actionable analysis of the numbers and behaviors of people looking at those screens.

AIM Suite uses pattern detection to count the number of viewers, determine genders and age groups, and measure the amount of time viewers stay in range of screens and look at content.

This data can be used in real-time to tailor on-screen content based on the demographics of current viewers. For campaign planning and ROI measurement, AIM Suite data can be correlated with proof-of-play data to determine content-specific viewership metrics by demographics and by time of day.

AIM Suite:

  • Detects the number of viewers
  • Records date and time of day each viewer watched
  • Determines gender and age group
  • Measures how long viewers watch
  • Logs what content viewers watch when linked with proof-of-play data
  • Analyzes data by demographic parameters

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