Audience Engagement

Intel’s Audience Impression Metric (AIM) Suite uses machine-learned face patterns to detect and analyze viewers who come in range of screens, anonymously counting those viewers and breaking them down in real-time by gender and age range.

Retailers, brands and network operators can use that information to tailor messaging, again in real-time, to the types of people viewing AIM Suite-enabled screens. This means a digital screen belonging to a health and beauty brand can trigger software to instantly switch from generic messaging to creative that’s tuned to the younger women that AIM Suite’s software has detected.

AIM Suite has an open technology design that can work directly with digital content playback systems, enabling message delivery that is more relevant and actionable to viewers. In ROI terms, that means brands and network operators are never investing media time and creative budgets on viewers who are not relevant.

AIM Suite Viewer Engagement Means:

  • Pre-determined, optimized messages are instantly served based on data triggers related to the  base genders and age ranges of viewers
  • Beyond content serving, actions can be triggered, such as a vending machine offering free samples based on viewer profiles (pink razors to women; blue to men)
  • For interactive experiences, the user experience can be dynamically tailored by variables like gender and age range
  • Aggregated viewer data can influence other systems such as queue management (when busy, open up a new line) or even display data that tells nightclubbers the male-to-female mix inside

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