Business Intelligence

Intel’s Audience Impression Metric (AIM) Suite uses sensors and sophisticated, unique computing algorithms to help retailers, brands and digital network operators measure audience sizes and viewer behavior patterns automatically and steadily.

Sensors are used to count the numbers and base demographics of viewers (such as gender and age ranges) and map that against a range of data such as time of day and location in venues that have multiple AIM Suite sensors. That data can get as granular as the types and percentages of people who saw particular spots during particular time ranges. The data is available, when matched against things like retail point of sale (POS) data, to track the impact of messaging on sales.

AIM Suite lets users visualize results in easy-to-understand charts and graphs, and use that real-time intelligence to fine-tune everything from the creative design and delivery of messaging to the best placement and timing for messages.

AIM Suite’s Business Intelligence tools provide deep insights on:

  • How many people look at screens, for how long and when, and how viewers break down by gender and age
  • What content appeals to viewers and what doesn’t
  • When once appealing content gets stale-dated with viewers
  • How screen placement and location affects viewing patterns
  • How different content and other viewing variables affect sales conversion ratios and uplift
  • Which tactics get the most out of marketing dollars
  • Optimizing product inventory through steady, real-time insights on the profile of visitors (for example, ensuring inventory and merchandising aligns with the mature women who dominate the profile on weekdays)
  • Fine-tuning staffing levels and positioning based on having the real-time power to know when people come, what they see and where they go

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