And the Winners Are . . .


Many thanks to all who participated in our recent Intel® AIM Suite survey.

What did we learn? Clearly, there’s a high level of interest in measurement and analytics among end-users. Almost 80% of you said your customers are interested, highly interested or extremely interested. Over 70% of end-users expect a rapid increase in AIM Suite licensing. 

It looks like our measure and improve ROI message is resonating within the digital signage industry, as well. Over 80% of you said the business benefits of Intel® AIM Suite are clear. But for those not currently interested in AIM Suite, over 70% said the business benefits are not clear. We’ve recently refocused our messaging on AIM Suite to emphasize audience engagement, from real-time content programming and deep business intelligence, to back-end analytics. We hope this approach will make the business benefits of AIM Suite more apparent.   

People counting is the new feature you want most, followed by eye tracking and emotion detection. Almost 40% of you want a Linux-compatible edition of AIM Suite. We’ve been anticipating this need and during the past year, we’ve been busy developing, testing and certifying Intel® AIM Suite for Ubuntu. Now it’s ready to go. For more information about AIM Suite for Ubuntu, please contact us at (email address).   

Over 75% of you consider The Power to Know, our monthly newsletter, interesting, very interesting or extremely interesting. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback on the newsletter. We’re always looking for ways to better meet your needs. 

Now, on to the Intel® AIM Suite Survey Contest Winners.  We selected three winners in a random drawing held in late May. The winners have already received their new HP Folio 13 Ultrabook™. 

To protect the winners’ personal privacy, we won’t name them but it’s interesting that they represent such diverse groups, both by geography and business segment. The winners include a Director of Technology, at Costco, in Mexico; a Digital Marketing Engineer, at Qinqo, in the Netherlands; and an R&D Manager, in the USA,  working for Avis Budget Group. As required by law, we will send a list of the winners upon request to

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in the survey.

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