NRF Was Big; Now On To DSE


The Intel AIM Suite team had a very busy few days meeting with retailers, brands and technology partners at the annual National Retail Federation Big Show in January in New York.

The event is the retail industry’s largest tech-centric trade show, and Intel once again had a very large, prominent position in the exhibit hall.

AIM Suite experts and customers were on hand, including a very enthusiastic executive from the UK coffee chain Costa Coffee. Jim Slater, Managing Director of Costa Enterprises, walked customers through his company’s Intelligent Self-Service Espresso Bar, which uses Intel AIM Suite to intelligently tailor messaging to the shop and audience.

You can watch a terrific Intel video shot on the NRF 13 floor with Jim:

Intel will have experts on digital and retail solutions at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas at the end of February. Intel is up at the front of the hall (booth 1207) and our experts will be offering guided tours of some amazing – and measurable – solutions for digital signage, interactive kiosks, automated retailing, digital out-of-home communications and more.

Show-goers will get a firsthand look at some of the most innovative and interesting ideas to enhance the digital signage revolution, including:

  • An intelligent, multi-sensory, self-serve coffee station that uses analytics, aroma and sound to mimic the coffee shop experience
  • An interactive, touch-screen vending solution that combines video, games, and remote management to improve system profitability
  • A command center using multiple Intel® technologies to integrate networks and improve system management
  • A digital menu board for QSRs integrated with mobile POS for flexibility
  • A virtual shopping solution that extends both online and in-store inventory of large items

Many of the top software companies active in the sector also have the AIM Suite solution fully integrated into their software and hardware delivery.

If you are there looking for a new content management solution, ask the vendors if their solution is AIM Suite-ready. If the answer is no, keep in mind that AIM Suite readily integrates with most platforms, and taking AIM Suite for a test drive is always free.

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