Canadian Innovation Exchange Names CognoVision as Canada’s 2009 Innovation Leader


The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX), Canada’s most important gathering place for innovative technologies, announced CognoVision as Canada’s 2009 Innovation Leader. Voted by industry peers, CognoVision was chosen out of the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in Canada, who were carefully selected from coast-to-coast to represent the country’s most cutting-edge technology entrepreneurs and companies.

Every year, the CIX conducts an exhaustive search for the most innovative technology, products, services and companies in the country. 20 companies are then selected to present Canada’s hottest technologies to both Canadian and US high-end executives and investors at the conference. Industry peers at the event then vote on who they believe should be the year’s Innovation Leader.

“This year’s competition brought out some of the country’s most amazing companies and technologies. From super computers and unmanned aerial intelligence gathering systems to new cleantech solutions, we were extremely pleased to see such impressive technologies being developed by Canadian companies,” says Robert Montgomery, Co-Chair, Canadian Innovation Exchange. “CognoVision was chosen by industry peers based on their innovation and dedication to using technology to provide in-demand solutions consumers will benefit from.”

CognoVision (winner of Innovation Leader Award and Digital Media Award at the 2009 CIX) was commercially launched in 2008 to help companies measure the effectiveness of in-store media and shopper behavior in retail environments. This is achieved with the use of CognoVision’s proprietary retail audience measurement software solutions. Using small camera sensors and computers, the Company’s anonymous face detection and people tracking software gathers data on how people watch ads and how they navigate within retail venues. This information is easily communicated to clients with the use of CognoVision’s proprietary reporting system. This system allows end-clients to make data driven decisions to: dramatically improve the effectiveness of media campaigns, increase product sales and advertising revenue, optimize retail execution and to reduce operational costs.

Runners up by category include:

Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Aeryon Labs designs and manufactures small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems for unmanned aerial intelligence gathering. The product is targeted for the backpack of every soldier and the trunk of every police car.

Clean Tech
Skymeter is a 'Financial Grade GPS' metering technology that provides data needed to migrate roads and parking from taxpayer-subsidized to pay-per-use – cutting city-wide emissions by 15%, traffic by 30% and enabling better mobility.

Digital Media
CognoVision -

Held yesterday at the Toronto Design Exchange, CIX was a full-day technology forum which showcased technology-based innovation and brought together key industry experts to share inspiring ideas and success stories. CIX also provided attendees with critical information from keynote speakers, educational sessions to help entrepreneurs develop their companies, and informal networking events designed to enable investors to discover each other as well as Canada’s next great companies.

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