Charles Sets Sights on Tourism Marketing


A South Carolina interactive marketing firm is using Intel’s AIM Suite technology to gain invaluable insights about the people tapping into a popular new service for tourists and convention-goers.

Charleston, SC-based City Corridor has AIM Suite sensors and software installed in enclosures of interactive tourism kiosks placed in the main areas of hotels, meeting and visitor centres around the company's home city.

Playfully dubbed Charles, the stations feature large flat panel displays with touchscreen capabilities, and a small sensor embedded at the top of the station. That sensor sends a steady video stream to a PC inside that handles both the media playback and the AIM Suite’s real-time face pattern detection and analysis.

Where most interactive tourism kiosks can only report how many times they were used and what people looked for, City Corridor is using AIM Suite’s capabilities to develop a much richer demographic profile of users, as well as how the stations are used.

Chad Priest, City Corridor’s co-founder and COO, says Intel AIM Suite has been valuable in understanding the profile and numbers of people looking, and when they look. But they’ve also used AIM Suite to fine-tune service delivery.

Educating Visitors

The Charles Network addresses the Charleston Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s need to quickly and effectively educate business and leisure visitors who have increasingly shorter, tighter itineraries in the city. The CACVB worried that people were missing out on many local attractions simply because they didn’t know about them.

The Charles stations make Charleston visitors aware of attractions, shops and dining options, but also directly drive business. The units have built-in mag-strip readers to take credit and loyalty cards and hotel keycards, and printers that let customers instantly take away tickets vouchers, restaurant confirmations, directions, and more.

The back-end of the custom-built Charles system is cloud-based, and end-users have online access to friendly content management and reporting tools. The fully automated management portal gives users the ability to dynamically place advertising, track inventory, and access the real-time viewership and demographic analytics driven by AIM Suite.

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