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What is AIM Suite?

Understand your shoppers with powerful software that analyzes behaviour and demographics.

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How Does it Work?

AIM Suite uses sensors and cloud-enabled software to provide cost-effective audience measurement.

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Intel AIM Suite Technology offers a fast-track to revealing and understanding the shifting dynamics of retail and other public environments.

Simple sensors, working with incredibly sophisticated software, produce near real-time reporting and analysis on the how-many-and-when numbers and general profiles of consumers, how they flow, and what they observe.

Instead of limited, moment-in-time human or mechanical measures, AIM Suite offers always-on tracking and measurement of everything from concept and test locations to full retail and ad network estates.

Our services are cloud-enabled, and both setting up and using Intel AIM Suite Technology is fast and easy. To get started, get a deeper understanding of what AIM Suite is.  Learn how it works.  Get the success stories on how retailers and brands are applying Intel AIM Suite and find out how your business can sign up for a free, fully featured AIM Suite trial.

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