How Does it Work?

Sensors look for and temporarily capture patterns of faces and bodies that come within a predetermined viewing field.

AIM Audience Counter measures the numbers of consumers who enter and pass through a zone and have the opportunity to see cues like messaging, directional signs or merchandising.

AIM Audience Counter brackets the patterns of faces actually looking at those visual cues, anonymously logging those “events” and capturing data such as what was observed and for how long. No personally identifiable information is stored, and images are discarded once their data is processed. Read more about our privacy policy here.


The steady, real-time stream of captured patterns is processed by unique computing algorithms to detect the numbers, genders and age groups of viewers in an area. Opportunity to see and audience count events are time-stamped and logged, and data is available in real-time for systems operating in parallel to respond.

For managing check-out queues, AIM Suite data might trigger opening a new lane or counter. For digital signage, that could mean actions like playing back tailored content or offering samples or experiences tailored to detected viewer types. AIM Suite is simple and cost-effective to install and manage. AIM Suite reporting is all cloud-enabled, audience detection software installs on a PC, and sensors are common, off-the-shelf consumer web cameras. The software is optimized to work with Intel processors. See our full list of recommended specifications here.

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