Get Your Blueprints For In-Store Digital Success


Blueprints are critical to building the physical environments for retailers, but they’re also important in designing and managing successful digital solutions for stores and their brand partners.

We’ve added a terrific set of solution blueprints to our Resource Center (courtesy of Intel’s Retail Solutions team) that explore how digital technologies are being effectively applied to drive consumer engagement and experience, buying activity and brand awareness.

Many of the solutions stitch in multiple technologies, and use Intel AIM Suite to generate insights on shopper behavior and dynamically tailor messaging to viewing audiences.

The blueprints address a broad range of retail challenges and applications, from intelligent shopping solutions that give consumers easy access to richer product inventory information to intelligent vending machines that tailor messaging to demographic profiles.

Virtual Product Demos

The intelligent shopping solution brief provides insights and ideas on how Intel-driven interactive in-store visual displays can bring products to life. This blueprint focuses on merchandising electronic white goods (such as major home appliances) with a virtual solution that allows shoppers to experience products first-hand, even in stores that don’t have physical inventory on the premises.

Integrating AIM Suite’s Anonymous Viewer Analytics lets retailers and the electronics brands better understand the profile of consumers using the interactive screens, and how those screens are being viewed and navigated. AIM Suite is delivering impression numbers, audience characteristics,  and viewing patterns - all important data points in helping optimize the solution.

Better Product Launches

Another solution blueprint walks through how Suning, the biggest electronics retailer in China, is using interactive digital display stations to introduce new products to consumers.

The retailer is using 46-inch touchscreens with embedded AIM Suite-enabled sensors to determine the age range and gender of the people approaching the stations. It then dynamically serves messaging tailored to the users, right down to color schemes more suited to males or females.

All eight Blueprints provide useful background on the business challenges and outcomes, and detail on how the technology was applied. Click through to view them, or go to our Resource Center.

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