Core Components

Intel AIM Suite Audience Counter

AIM Suite Audience Counter is the software module that does audience detection, using Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA). It detects the presence of people within viewing range of messaging. Using patterns detected by sensors, AIM Suite Audience Counter logs information on the number of viewers, their gender and age range, what content was viewed, and how much time was spent viewing content.

Face patterns detected by AIM Suite Audience Counter are measured, analyzed and discarded on the fly, with no images of faces stored. Read about our commitment to protect people’s privacy here.

Intel AIM Analytics

AIM Analytics provides on-demand, readily customized reporting and analysis on viewer numbers, attributes and behaviors. AIM Analytics users have access to powerful cloud-enabled tools that allow viewing data to be segmented down to the granular level, using a seemingly endless list of variables.

That data is easily visualized in graphs and charts, using predefined reporting templates. Report data is also exportable in comma separate values (CSV) format or using one of AIM Suite’s three web APIs. This lets our clients merge AIM Suite data with other data sources, such as People Counting and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, to realize even richer insights into customer behavior.

Intel AIM Manage

We provide tools that let users remotely manage all of their AIM Suite deployments. AIM Manage takes the complication out of running a large network using AIM Suite, with monitoring tools that maximize your uptime.

AIM Manage lets operators activate, label, track and control sensors and software - located anywhere – right from their desktop. Each instance of AIM Suite periodically checks in and provides a status report, and it is all visually related in a dashboard that color-codes by green, yellow, red and grey alerts.

A series of remote management commands can force resets and restarts of the devices and software when status lights shift from green to yellow - getting services working properly without the time delay and costs of sending technical people on site.

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