Integration & API

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow clients and third-party developers and providers to seamlessly access, work with and merge data from management systems used for everything from digital signage content delivery to Point of Sale (POS) in retail settings.

Intel provides three different AIM Suite APIs to give users the capabilities and options they need to create innovative customer experiences and develop highly detailed, insightful analytics.

AIM Suite’s APIs are already being used in a variety of ways. AIM Suite is used to dynamically serve ads, offers and interactive experiences in real-time, based on the specific viewer group profiles of the people watching.

Retailers and brands are extracting data from AIM Suite to help calculate sell-through and conversion ratios, linking the timing of messages and numbers of viewers to bottom-line impacts.


Low-Level Socket-Based API

The low-level socket-based API provides access to detailed parameters about your audience, including:

  • Face ID # (unique # per detected face)
  • Gender
  • Age bracket (child, young adult, adult, senior)
  • X, Y coordinate of the top-left corner of each detected face
  • Width & height of each face
  • Viewing time (in milliseconds)

High-Level Socket-Based API  

The high-level socket-based API helps paint an even broader picture of your audience by providing several extra audience parameters, including:

  • Details for each detected viewer (parameters from low-level API)
  • Total # of current viewers
  • Face-detected event
  • Face-lost event


The HTTP API returns information in a comma-separated values (CSV) format for each impression for your desired date range. The HTTP API is utilized by the customer’s web server to pull the Intel hosted AIM Analytics server for this information:

  • Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Impression start time (HH:MM:SS.MS)
  • Viewing time (in milliseconds)
  • Gender (male, female, unknown)
  • Age (child, young adult, adult, senior, unknown)

If you have any questions regarding data integration, please feel free to contact us.

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