Intel® AIM Suite is a subscription-based service. You don’t have to buy AIM Suite - you “rent” it on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis.

We have recently launched our online store which will allow you to obtain Intel® AIM Suite Gold 1 Year license(s). The price for each license is (USD) $200/year.

No proprietary hardware is required for Intel® AIM Suite. In many cases, the PC being used for playing back media on digital screens can also install and run AIM Suite Audience Counter software at the same time. If not, you can upgrade or replace your media players with faster Intel processors that will handle AIM Audience Counter, improve graphics performance and remote management, and probably reduce energy consumption.

Additionally, there is the requirement of a simple, common off-the-shelf optical sensor (such as a webcam) that plugs into the PC. Read the recommended specifications for more detail.



Features Explained:

  • Face Detection and Counting: Use pattern detection to log and break down by demographics the numbers of people who see visual messaging.
  • Viewing Duration Detection: Detects how long each detected viewer looks at a message.
  • Gender Detection: Counts and reports the genders of people detected looking at visual messaging.
  • Age Determination: Counts and reports the age brackets of people detected looking at visual messaging.
  • Opportunity-to-See Counting Algorithm (beta): Estimate the number of people that walk by the display, whether or not they looked. (Currently works in limited environments).
  • Campaign Analytics Reporting: Sophisticated reporting tools allow users to view audience data for specific pieces of content (works by correlating AIM Suite & proof-of-play log data).
  • HTTP API: Granular AIM Suite data can be directly ingested into customer or third-party database systems for analytical processing.
  • Socket-API: Enables real-time content triggering when tied to content-management/serving platforms.
  • Data Storage: Data is stored in Intel's cloud and you are able to export it into a CSV file.
  • AIM Analytics: Detailed, configurable web-based reports on numbers, demographics and behaviors.

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