AIM Suite technology performs audience detection, not surveillance.

We value and thoroughly respect consumer privacy in everything we do, and Intel has taken a leadership role in advocating standards and practices that ensure consumer privacy is maintained.

AIM Suite technology is sometimes wrongly linked to biometric technologies used for security purposes to look for and identify people, matching faces captured by cameras with faces stored in databases. That is not what AIM Suite does. AIM Suite is Pattern Detection, NOT Facial Recognition.

AIM Suite uses highly advanced algorithms to bracket and measure the face shapes of viewers coming in range of the optical sensors. The Intel Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA) technology is based on machine learning and utilizes the key features on a viewer's face to determine genders and age ranges.

Captured visuals are analyzed and discarded on the fly, with no faces recorded and archived. No personal information is ever kept. Though incredibly sophisticated in what AIM Suite reveals about viewer patterns, it’s as innocuous to consumers as the little wireless beams that count people coming through a retail door.

For further information about the Intel AVA technology and its implications on consumer privacy, read the whitepaper jointly written with Ann Cavoukian the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada..

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