Intel AIM Suite Featured In "Vending Machine 2.0"


Whoever said vending machines are boring has never been to Japan. Consumers can get an item as perishable as vegetables or as useful as shoes. Consumers can even try their luck at catching a live lobster.

With an estimated one vending machine per 23 people (according to the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association), vending machines are everywhere in Japan. But vending machine density poses a challenge to attract the attention of consumers. 

The video below highlights the next generation of vending machines. In Japan, Sanden and Okaya incorporated Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) into what they call “the vending machine 2.0.” This machine can analyze a customer's demographics to not just provide them with vending machine goods, but also personalized ads.

Using Intel AIM Suite, this innovative vending machine is able to determine the customer's gender and age group, in order to create a unique experience for each individual. By doing so, the effectiveness of advertising is maximized by being shown only to the right demographic target.

The vending machine features a see-through display that can present text, animations or graphics in full HD resolution.  When there are no customers present, the vending machine displays a large clock or animations to attract people.

The vending machine provides analytics on how much time customers are spending looking at the digital display and what type of content grabs a customer’s attention.

Sanden and Okaya already have 30% of the market for vending machines in Japan. While it’s not yet available in North America, this new technology may soon make it to a vending machine near you.

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