Neo-Traffic Deploys Intel® AIM Suite in Shopping Malls



Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) has recently been integrated into Neo-Traffic’s Digital-out-of-Home advertising network, located in shopping mall food courts across Canada. AIM Suite provides Neo-Traffic as well as   clients deep insights into the shifting characteristics and viewing dynamics of audiences allowing them the ability to fine-tune advertising strategies.


“We have long had a firm understanding of the general characteristics of the huge numbers of people who visit shopping malls where our network operates, but Intel AIM Suite technology offered a fast, fully anonymous and fascinating means of really understanding the audience for our programming."

Ronald Tapiero - President - Neo-Traffic

The Business Challenge and Opportunity

  1. Neo-Traffic’s suite of advertising products in mall environment includes sets of HD video monitors strategically positioned around the heart of each mall – the food court. The setting is an ideal tool to reach and influence consumers when they are just steps away from points of purchases.
  2. The only places where people spend more time than malls are at home and the office. Research found that 90 percent of Canadians visited a shopping mall in the previous four weeks.
  3. Malls are an ideal place to communicate with consumer out-of-home. But, until recently, there was no effective way to measure the size and demographics of the audience.
  4. Technology that could better define audience demographics, what the audience is watching, and how long they are viewing, would help build the advertising story and strategy.

The Marketing Research Opportunity

Neo-Traffic saw an opportunity to use Intel® AIM Suite to measure and analyze the behavior of people looking at the sets of digital screens while visiting mall food courts. Each shopping mall with Neo-Traffic Food Court Live installed has a series of tandem monitors, running full-screen, full-motion advertising on one side and full-screen news and infotainment on the accompanying screens. Deploying AIM Suite would give Neo-Traffic a fast, efficient and highly accurate understanding of the characteristics of the viewing audience, including gender and age range, location by location.

The Solution

Neo-Traffic chose Planet-Tek, a leading provider of digital signage systems and services, to design, build and integrate an Intel AIM Suite solution into the existing Food Court Live deployment at a pair of Canada’s biggest and busiest shopping malls. Based on extensive experience using Intel AIM Suite with top clients such as Whole Foods and Harley-Davidson Canada, Planet-Tek worked with Neo-Traffic’s operations team to integrate a system that detected the number of viewers and assessed their gender, age group and dwell time – all tied to the specific content watched.

A three-month test program was launched in January 2012 at two shopping malls in the greater Toronto area.  Planet-Tek and Neo-Traffic worked with a “healthy living” brand to develop and schedule a targeted campaign that could be tracked and analyzed by AIM Suite.

Using Intel’s Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA) pattern detection algorithms, Intel AIM Suite software measured and aggregated data, in real-time – providing objective analysis of:

  • How many impressions did the brand spot generate?
  • How did viewing audiences break down by gender and general age range?
  • How long did people watch?

This data will help Neo-Traffic better understand audience characteristics and whether the type and tone of the advertising being developed and featured is aligned with the needs and preference of actual viewers. Dwell and viewing time measurements help optimize content design and recall.

The Results

The data collected revealed some fascinating differences between two upscale shopping malls located within a 15 minute drive from each other. At one mall, male viewers represented a majority of viewers, while at the other mall females were the majority of viewers. The data also revealed that Food Court Live is being watched across all age categories, but was strongest with the young adult and adult segment most preferred by brand advertisers. This was a very important finding. *Source: International Council of Shopping Centers AIM Suite also calculated the average exposure times for advertising spots scheduled on the system. Since the average time spent in shopping malls tends to be long (72.6 minutes per visit*), shoppers see the same spot multiple times during visits. Intel® AIM Suite is now a powerful part of Neo-Traffic’s research toolset for understanding audience dynamics in shopping malls.

“This technology has afforded us fascinating insights into the dynamics of our Food Court Live audiences. The audience measurement and analytics generated by the AIM Suite give us amazingly quick and deep insights into the demographics of viewers, enables us to better align our advertising to the needs and preferences of viewers, and present targeted advertising that is highly relevant to audiences we now better understand.” Ronald Tapiero - President - Neo-Traffic

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