New & Improved


How can we better meet your needs? On the technology front, we recently released Intel® AIM Suite for Ubuntu, so that Linux users can tap into all of the advantages of audience measurement and analytics. On the information resource and marketing side, we’ve redesigned the Intel® AIM Suite website based on your comments and suggestions.  The new site will be launched early this summer. 

The new website is structured around four key zones:

AIM Suite @ Work, where you discover the business benefits of audience measurement and analytics, as well as review real-world success stories. You’ll understand how Intel AIM Suite can help engage audiences and provide deep business intelligence into audience demographics and behavior.

Inside AIM Suite, where you’ll explore Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA), the three software components of AIM Suite, and AIM Suite licensing and pricing. You’ll also see why our APIs have been called some of the easiest to integrate, most flexible and well documented in the industry. 

AIM Suite Providers, where you’ll meet Intel AIM Suite Providers, including OEMs, Content Management System (CMS) companies, resellers, system integrators and distributors - with links to their websites. These are the leaders in the industry and our new website is the perfect place for end-users to begin to find the right provider. 

Resource Center, where you’ll review a wide variety of videos, real-world success stories, whitepapers, breaking news, our blog and monthly newsletter – all to help you  dive deep into winning strategies for planning, operating and optimizing digital signage networks. Check out our knowledge-base, where you’ll find answers to both your technology and business questions.   

We think the new website will be an extremely effective resource for our providers, end-users and anyone interested in audience measurement and analytics. Let us know what you think!  Your feedback will help us continuously improve both the underlying technology and how we bring Intel AIM Suite to market.

Questions? AIM Suite Knowledge Base