Red Leaf Wins “New Concepts” Award at DSE, 2012


For the past twenty years, Red Leaf has been a leader in creating engaging and customizable retail displays for the Consumer Electronics industry. In 2012, Red Leaf demonstrates their innovative leadership, once again, by winning Silver in the “New Concept” category, at the Digital Signage Expo, 2012. 

Red Leaf optimizes selling environments by appealing to the shopper’s senses, deploying technologies that attract and hold viewers – technologies such as QR codes, web integration, audience detection, near field communications, and guided selling.


















Red Leaf’s new “Guided Selling Platform” incorporates interactive technologies to narrow product choices to those that best fit the shopper’s needs. The platform also collects lifestyle and transactional information. Every interaction, touch and dwell time can be recorded and analyzed to yield unique insights into shopper behavior. 

Intel® AIM Suite calculates the gender and age range of people interacting with Red Leaf’s Guided Selling Platform. Drawing on an extensive data base of consumer preferences, the platform determines which products are most likely to appeal to the consumer’s demographic group and, then feature those selections. Actual preferences and interactions are added to the data base to improve its accuracy, over time.    

AIM Suite also measures which products and content the consumer interacted with and for how long. This enables Red Leaf to gauge the ROI of an individual display, its location, product offerings and on-screen content. 

Red Leaf’s Guided Selling Platform answers one of the most critical challenges facing the Digital-out-of-Home (DooH) industry – how to cost-effectively measure viewer demographics and consumer behavior. The platform also demonstrates how Anonymous Viewers Analytics (AVA) technology can increase interactions, dwell time and sell using real-time content triggering based on the demographics of people currently interacting with the display.   

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