A Refreshed Website


We've redesigned the AIM Suite technology website, adding new sections and tweaking the structure and flow so that new and existing customers can quickly click to the information they need.

The revamped site now sorts the information to introduce AIM Suite and explain how it works, as well as relate success stories and more detail on how it is being applied in the field. It also provides a deeper dive for technical people who want and need to understand the core components and the developer tools.

We've also re-organized the wealth of information we have available to new and existing users in what we're calling our Resource Center. In there, you'll find a deep technical knowledge base that can quickly and effectively answer many questions. There are also plenty of resources like white papers, case studies, videos and presentations to browse.

We make it easy to get started with AIM Suite, by registering for a free, full-featured product trial. It's all part of the effort to give retailers and brands the power to know.

Questions? AIM Suite Knowledge Base