AIM Suite Helps Drive Huge Sales Jumps at Casinos


You can learn how AIM Suite-powered digital signage technology helped drive a 127% increases in restaurant sales with Canada's largest gaming organization in a new case study from Intel.

This latest case study in our Resources section looks at a research trial run last year with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which has 24 gaming sites spread across Canada's most populous province. The trial looked specifically at how Intel’s AIM Suite technology could help optimize digital signage content and screen positioning to drive direct bottom line impacts for casinos.

The results were powerful:

  • Digital signage was directly attributable to sales increases as high as 127 percent on promoted restaurant items.
  • AIM Suite insights led to a 10-fold increase in the conversion rate of casino gift giveaways.

What started as defined-term tests at the food and beverage areas of the participating casinos became permanent digital signage installations after the testing was concluded, as the operators saw the clear benefits of using digital signs to drive restaurant menu orders.

The trial was run in four charity casinos across Ontario in the latter half of 2012, with a research firm guiding an experimental design to compare venues with digital signage, to venues with static signage, and to venues with no signage.

Run over three defined time periods, the project team was looking for insights on the effect of digital signage at the casino venues in three areas: 

  • Free giveaways;
  • Restaurant menu item sales; and
  • Sign-ups for a loyalty program.

Sensors installed with the digital signs used Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) to feed data to AIM Suite, which provided real-time insights on the impacts of digital versus static signs. This data guided the fine-tuning of screen positions at venues and the creative used on the displays.

One of the most powerful insights generated was the understanding of dwell times in front of posters that were promoting a special giveaway tote bag. The relatively short time people spent in front of the marketing messages prompted OLG to revise and greatly simplify the digital creative. Once the new message was in place, the conversion rate for the giveaway increased by a factor of 10.

Interested in the full story? You can download the Case Study from our Resources section or by clicking the image below.

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