Little Changes make a Big Difference


Good news for our user community: version 2.2 of AIM Suite is now available. It has some new features, tweaks and updates aimed at making AIM Suite even more powerful, but still easy to use.

The features focus on:

Activation - Sensors can now be activated entirely through Intel AIM Suite, without requiring the user to access Intel AIM Manage. It's an option you can get enabled by contacting a support representative. We've added a utility application in the software that allows activation of an AIM Suite sensor using a volume license key, or a volume license key and sensor metadata. There's also a volume license key that allows multiple sensors to be activated with a single volume license.

Configuration - The AIM Suite Client can now be installed as a Microsoft Windows® service with a GUI configuration application. There is also a process that automatically creates a default Intel AIM Suite Audience Counter set-up when the sensor's USB is plugged in for the first time.

The team has also provided some general fixes and security updates. Details on new features and updates are all available in the latest version of the AIM Suite user guide.

Simplified Pricing

We're making it steadily easier to buy and activate AIM Suite, and one of the ways to do that is by simplifying the pricing model.

There are two tiers of AIM Suite - Silver and Gold. Silver is always free, and has the base features needed to assess the AIM Suite application. It shows the implications of what it can do to count audiences and understand venue dynamics, staffing needs, and creative impact. Gold is the full, very robust edition of AIM Suite. It's now free to evaluate for up to 90 days, and after that, users can subscribe to it month-to-month, or annually.

Signing up for annual license commitments offers substantial savings of roughly two months free service over a year term. We've also laid out a simplified system of volume breaks. The chart explains how pricing, volume and subscription periods work:

Gold Evaluation Period Extended

We want to make sure our new users have the time to fully assess the power and possibilities of AIM Suite, so we've doubled the free, no-strings-attached evaluation period for Gold licenses from 45 days to 90 days. That means users have a full three months to test the fully-featured Gold license free of charge.

Ready to go? You can get started here:

Questions? AIM Suite Knowledge Base