Now You Can Buy And Manage AIM Licenses Online


Licenses for Intel's AIM Suite can now be ordered and managed online by our customers using a new web storefront.

New and existing customers can now go to Get AIM Suite and go through the entire process of acquiring, managing, or adding Intel® AIM Suite Gold licenses from their desktop, without needing to directly communicate with direct Intel sales or administration contacts.

It's quick, easy and seamless.

When users go to the new Intel AIM storefront, they will be required to login using an Intel® Technology Provider (ITP) account:

  1. New customers are prompted to create an account. The provided information will be filtered, validated and approved, and new users will then get their login instructions and credentials via email;
  2. Returning customers just log in.

Once in the Intel AIM store, users will have the tools to:

  • Develop quotes/estimates and subscribe to Gold licenses;
  • Renew paid subscription licenses;
  • Cancel licenses.

A credit card payment gateway is in place, and the storefront is also set up to manage purchase orders. 

Want to get started? Click through to head to the new Intel® AIM Suite store


Questions? AIM Suite Knowledge Base