SceneTap and Intel: The Perfect Companions for Your Night on the Town



It’s Saturday night and your friends are asking the age-old question – “What do you want to do tonight?” You can hop from club to club looking for the right scene. But there must be an easier way. Wouldn’t it be great if you could really check out “the scene” at various clubs and bars, in real-time, from any connected device?

There are plenty of mobile apps that will help you locate the nearest bar or club. But this is your town. You already know the hot spots. You just don’t know which ones are hot, right now. That’s the quandary Cole Harper and his Chicago-area friends faced.


Rather than give up and go bar hopping, they created SceneTap – a mobile app that employs Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) to track, in real-time, how many people are at a venue, the male-to-female ratio and the average age. SceneTap is transforming how people decide where to go.

SceneTap provides this service while fully protecting the privacy of guests. Intel® AIM Suite doesn’t record images or collect personal information. According to Cole Harper, “People get confused between 'audience detection' and 'facial recognition'. There’s no recording. No one can see who’s at the location. It’s not tracking personal information. It’s less intrusive than playing your bill with a credit card.”

Venue owners pay SceneTap to install the technology and provide real-time data services. An infrared sensor is installed near the entryway, eliminating the need for bright lighting. Intel AIM Suite counts the number of patrons entering and determines their gender and age range. This information is aggregated and, then, uploaded to the SceneTap website, where it’s accessible by any connected device. Consumers are able to filter their searches by Scene (Chill, Lively, Hoppin, Hot Spot), by Overall Rating (Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down) by Male/Female Ratio (% Men, % Women), and by Age Range (21-23, 24-26, 27,29, 30+).

Each club or bar listing features a brief description, a map of its location and the hours of operation. Any specials, deals or events, offered at the venue, are also included.

SceneTap is also transforming how bar and club owners are managing their operations. For the first time, they have objective information about their customers and the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising campaigns. What’s their gender and age range? When do they come out? How long do they stay? Which performers or DJs bring out the right crowd? What promotions pull in the biggest numbers of customers?

Bar and club owners have special requirements, so SceneTap has created customized templates that enable them to graphically display data about their customers based on criteria most relevant to their particular needs.


"It's an awesome marketing tool for bar owners or managers -- all that real-time data is pretty priceless," says Chad McConneghy, general manager at Wellington's in Chicago. "I've seen the application and it's pretty unbelievable ... I've never seen anything like it."

SceneTap is currently deployed in 50+ top locations, in Chicago, Illinois; 30+ locations, in Austin, Texas; and is rapidly expanding into other major U.S. cities. Looking beyond bars and nightclubs, SceneTap’s market encompasses nearly any location where people want to know what’s happening, right now. It’s one example of the unique ways service providers are using Intel® AIM Suite to create completely original services, in the world of digital signage and beyond.

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